Wednesday, 30th September 2020

£3.80 pint of beer deemed adequate payment for helping mate move house

A SINGLE pint of lager has been deemed full compensation for eight hours of hard manual labour helping a friend move. 

After asking for a quick hand moving flat, Stephen Malley put friend Tom Logan to work for a full day carrying furniture and boxes of records up three flights of stairs, using Logan’s own car for transport.

Following the back-breaking day’s work, which began at 10am and ended at 6pm, Malley magnanimously offered to ‘buy the first round.’

He said: “Tom’s such a good bloke. He’s worked his arse off today and he hasn’t complained. In fact he’s hardly said anything to me since I bought him that grab bag of Quavers for lunch.

“He’s done me a real favour, so it’s only right I get the drinks in. He’s getting the next round though. Fair’s fair.”

Logan said: “One pint for a whole day? That’s 47p an hour. And I’m out of pocket for petrol.

“I’m glad I left that box marked ‘Books for Bedroom’ containing a full run of 80s Penthouse in my boot now. Dare you to ask what happened to that, Steve.”