34-year-old furious his mother hasn’t bought him an advent calendar

A 34-YEAR-OLD man is outraged that his mother has not bought him an advent calendar for the first year ever. 

Tom Logan, from Mansfield, endured a 90-minute visit from his pensioner mother yesterday only to not be given the Cadbury’s advent calendar he has received every December since 1986.

Logan said: “So that’s it, is it. No door to open. No chocolate. No countdown. No gift of motherly love to get me excited about the most wonderful time of the year.

“The last few times I’ve done a whole ‘ha ha, are we still doing this?’ thing which I now bitterly regret, but that doesn’t mean she can just abandon a 30-year tradition.

“I’ve been out to the shop and I’ve bought my own. When she sees it, I hope she appreciates the pain she’s caused.”

Logan added: “We’re at my girlfriend’s for Christmas this year and my sister’s abroad.

“Mum prefers her own company anyway.”