40-year-old man has not forgiven mum for chucking out Tracy Island

A MAN who painstakingly built a Thunderbirds Tracy Island is still pissed off with his mum for dumping it during a ‘clear out’ three years ago.

On the advice of trusted children’s programme Blue Peter, Tom Logan spent six days in 1992 making the papier-mâché masterpiece using newspaper, loo rolls and sticky back plastic.

A tearful Logan said: “It was a work of art. In fact, everyone said my Tracy Island was better than Anthea Turner’s.

“My mates even said it looked like a real island. My mum was so proud she let me leave it on the table for three months and we all had to eat our tea around it.

“It was better than my yoghurt pot walky talkies and the painting of a hill I got on the Hartbeat gallery.

“Then a mere 23 years later she turned against it. Why? It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, especially compared to my failed marriage.”

Logan’s mother Patricia said: “His Tracy what? Oh, you mean that big sticky pile of shite he wouldn’t let me move off the table? We put it on a bonfire and laughed.”