60-year-old who bangs on about 'plain old common sense' fooled by obvious Facebook scam again

A BABY boomer who thinks he is a member of the greatest generation has been tricked by a poorly-executed Facebook scam for the second time.

Roy Hobbs, who believes that millennials lack a strong work ethic, has entered his personal details into the Facebook page of Britishh Airways1, including his mother’s maiden name.

The ‘competition’ offers a prize of two first class tickets to Antarctica, a destination to which the real British Airways does not fly and which does not have a commercial airport.

Hobbs said: “Usually, of course, I would not enter competitions. I prefer to get things by sheer hard work just like the rest of my generation. But I’ve always wanted to go to the South Pole and see the penguins.

“I have a gold plated pension from a job it was impossible to fire me from, so I deserve it.”

Hobbs was previously scammed by a competition on the ‘Barklay’s Bank’ page, which required users to enter their bank details into a special lottery to win £50,000.

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Macedonia changes name to Republic of North Funkytown

THE GREEK parliament has ratified a law allowing the neighbouring Republic of Macedonia to change its name to the Republic of North Funkytown.

The change, which takes place with immediate effect, is expected to settle diplomatic relations and dramatically increase tourism to the region.

Resident Kiril Dimusevski said: “I’m all in favour of living in Funkytown. Who wouldn’t be?

“We’ve also got a new national anthem, to be perfomed by Lipps Inc at the unveiling ceremony, which beats that Greek dirge into a pulp.

“Bascially, we’re the first country to accept that Europe only exists for British people to visit for stag and hen nights, and we’ve tailored ourselves accordingly. The bookings are flooding in.”

Fellow Republic of North Funkytowner Emma Bradford added: “We did consider the name ‘Greece Plus’, but apparently Greece had a problem with it.”