Sunday, 27th September 2020

A-level student can't wait to find out what his teacher guessed his grades were

AN A-LEVEL student has admitted he is on tenterhooks to find out what his teachers took a wild guess at his results being. 

Oliver O’Connor knows that his whole future could depend on whatever grade his teachers stuck a pin in back in May, and really hopes they got it right.

He said: “Pretty sure Mr Brennan who does law realised that while on the surface I preferred bunking off down the park to smoke weed, I’m one of those students who pulls out all the stops before the exams and does unexpectedly well.

“And while I may not have known all the facts in history, my fundamentals were strong and a few all-nighters on the ProPlus would have seen me sail through. Mrs Heydecker would have spotted that.

“English Language I’ll obviously get an A, because it’s a free ride of a subject which I’m confident Mr Harvey recognised. So if their assessments align with mine, I’ve got my place at Exeter Uni.

“Fingers crossed hoping they guessed right. There’s a lot riding on this. But they’re well-paid professionals, they’ll have taken it very seriously.”

Mr Brennan said: “Oliver who? Haven’t the faintest clue who he is. I probably put him down for a C.”