‘Are you looking forward to the Royal weddings?’ asks woman who assumes you have a melon for a brain

A WOMAN who assumes her colleague has a melon for a brain has asked her if she is looking forward to the Royal weddings.

Mary Fisher, 48, works with Nikki Hollis, 29, at an office in Swindon and after making the assumption that instead of having a mind, Hollis had a large tropical fruit in her skull, Fisher thought she would ask her about the Royal nuptials.

Fisher said: “I assumed Nikki, like me,  has the mental capacity of a balled out melon so I thought I’d ask if she was looking forward to getting the bunting out twice this year?

“I’m sure she was only joking when she stared at me blankly and asked, ‘What’s bunting?’ but I thought I’d go along with it and clarify that I was talking about the Royals.

“Then she burst out laughing and said, ‘Oh yeah, I can’t wait.’ Thinking on it, she might have been being sarcastic actually.

“But then if she was being sarcastic then maybe she isn’t looking forward to the Royal weddings at all and then maybe that means she doesn’t even have a melon for a brain either.”

Hollis added while laughing: “Yeah, the Royal Weddings, can’t wait for it mate.”