Baby taunts father with new hair growth

A BABY has been flaunting his rapidly sprouting hair follicles in front of his balding father, it has emerged.

Three-month-old Tom Logan is relishing the irrepressible growth and vitality of his burgeoning mane, as his father’s scalp becomes more and more visible every day.

Logan said: “Dad’s head is shiny on top with depressing patches of greying hair round the sides, whereas my head is covered in cuter-than-cute wisps of perfectly soft, richly hued baby hair.

“My bald spots are charming and simply a temporary part of my ever-upward developmental trajectory, whereas dad’s are a sad and constant reminder of his dwindling life force.

“I’m the guy with good hair in this house now. Mum knows it – I don’t see her lovingly stroke his remaining few hairs”.

Logan’s father Phil said: “All that baby does is remind me of my slowly decaying body.

“The gummy little sod should enjoy having a growing head of hair while he can, because in twenty-nine years his hairline will start to recede and carefree joy as he knows it will be over for him.”