Sunday, 25th October 2020

Barber bewildered after man not happy with the back of his head

A BARBER was thrown into confusion after a customer indicated they were unhappy with the back of their hair.

Norman Steele had just completed a ‘short back and sides’ when customer Stephen Malley shook his head after being shown the back in a mirror.

Malley reportedly said: “I’m not sure. It’s a bit square. Maybe you could make it more round?”

Steele said: “I was gobsmacked. No one is ever unhappy with the back. All I could think was, ‘What the hell am I going to do now?’

“Once the initial shock had passed and my hands stopped shaking I trimmed a bit more off. He seemed happy with that, but I’m still having nightmares about it.”

The incident is believed to be the first time a customer has not liked the back of their hair since 1951, which led to a tightening of industry standards and mass redundancies.