Brexiters definitely not worried about losing second referendum

BREXITERS’ passionate opposition to a second referendum is definitely not because of fear they would lose, they have confirmed.  

Brexit voters agree that no referendum on the terms of leaving the EU is necessary because they would win and the last one was in no way a fluke.

Martin Bishop, from Burnley, said: “We won, that’s it, job done, no second chances, not that I’m at all concerned about another vote because I’m not.

“I know the British people and I know that, like me, they’re not going to change their minds because of little things like food and medicine shortages.

“If anything this will only strengthen resolve and return an even more overwhelming result than the previous overwhelming result, which was overwhelming.

“Which is why we shouldn’t have a vote because we’d absolutely win, so stop talking about it and if anyone does it’s treason.”

Political commentator Joseph Turner said: “Well if they’re that sure then we might as well. It would be like a victory lap.”