Bristol Palin Is Daughter Of Ex-Fiancee

BRISTOL Palin is the daughter of her ex-fianceé Levi Johnston, it has emerged.

Sarah Palin’s 19 year-old daughter and Johnston split up shortly after the birth of their child last year but reunited in July for an emotional magazine cover.

But the couple have split again after Johnston admitted that not only did he father a child with another teenager, but he also had a daughter with the former Republican vice-presidential candidate.

A source said: “Levi told Bristol that about 19 years ago he had slept with her mother and the sex had made a baby girl.

“Bristol was really shocked and asked what happened to the daughter. Levi just looked at her for a while and the next morning Bristol figured it out while she was ordering her breakfast pizza.”

In a statement released through his lawyers, Johnston confirmed that he was his youngest child’s grandfather.

He said: “Governor Palin and I had a brief relationship when I was about 18 months old. We had both had a lot to drink and she started coming on to me.

“At first I just thought she was interested in my Fisher Price Play Centre so I offered it to her, but she looked at it as if it was a book about quantum physics. Then she reached for my thigh.”

The former governor has insisted that only the ‘liberal elite’ would object to a woman having a child with one of her child’s playmates and said she had long campaigned for Alaska’s ‘marrying age’ to be reduced from six to three.

Under current Alaskan state law men over the age of six can marry their mothers, their wife’s mother, up to four of their own children and their car.

Palin said: “I wanted our child to be legitimate by becoming one of Levi’s wives, but our hearts were destined to follow separate paths.”

Political analyst, Tom Logan, said the controversy could damage a Palin presidential bid, adding: “If she is serious about capturing the Republican nomination in 2012 she will have to avoid anything that makes her look too sophisticated .”


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'Expendables' Sparks Fresh Controversy Over Child Screenwriters

THE producers of The Expendables were last night facing a legal challenge from the parents of the film’s screenwriters.

The star-studded movie, billed as ‘the goodies have big guns and they fite baddies and there is exploshuns and it is good’, is set to be a box office smash.

But a group of angry parents is threatening to sue producers Millennium Films claiming they had no idea their children were working on the $80m feature.

Nikki Hollis, stepmother of 11-year-old writer Kyle Stephenson, said: “We thought he was coming home late because of school badminton club.

“But then I found what turned out to be the final draft of the script in his PE kit. It was a single page of doodles in bright orange crayon with the occasional use of the words ‘boom’ and ‘aaaaaargh’.

“I have to say, it was poor, even for an 11 year-old.”

She added: “I confronted him and discovered that he was being picked up from school by a limousine, taken to Heathrow and flown to LA for high-pressure script meetings with twitchy fat men in Hawaiian shirts.

“I don’t mind him writing a high-octane action adventure if that’s what he wants to do, but they should have let us know where he was.”

An industry insider said: “Most big budget movies are now written by children or animals. The Wedding Planner was scripted by a particularly stupid horse that pointed its hoof at a selection of six images in exchange for some beetroot.”

Expendables director Sylvester Stallone is understood to be a fan of child writers because when he is with them he gets to be the second or third tallest person in the room.

The summer blockbuster features every action star of the last century, from Steven Seagal to the ghost of Norman Wisdom.

Film fan Roy Hobbs, 42, said: “I liked the exploshuns. Them was loudy bang-bang good.”