Cameron: I preferred Razzle to Knave

PRIME minister David Cameron has discussed his boyhood softcore porn preferences, including a penchant for ‘grimy’ Razzle.

Cameron joked about his 'hairy palms'

In a candid interview about his early teenage years, the prime minister admitted having ‘a stack of pornos as thick as a brick’ under his bed.

He said: “I was just like all teenage boys really. I’d be, you know, up in my bedroom hunched intently over a double-page spread.

“Given that I was reading 80s British porn, the images were usually of some 38-year-old woman with dinner lady hair sprawled over a motorbike.

“As I recall the art direction was never up to much – lots of pointlessly dangling chains, chrome and red velvet.

“But who knows, perhaps that cheap scuzziness was part of the fascination, on some deep psycho-sexual level.”

The prime minister added: “I liked Knave and Fiesta but Razzle was my favourite. There was something very real and grimy, perhaps even working class – in a good way – about it.

“And the stories were good.

“Porn is actually a great leveller. It unites boys from all walks of life.”

Cameron also discussed his late-teenage dalliance with rave culture.

He said: “The first pill I ever necked was a New Yorker I bought off a scouser. I was with George Osborne and Boris Johnson at one of the Biology parties.

“We were mashed. Although I later discovered that White Callies were better, more fluffy.”