Car apparently fun

A MAN owns an extra car that he claims to drive for ‘fun’, it has emerged.

As well as a BMW and a Renault people carrier for family use, sales manager Roy Hobbs has a cheap but sporty-looking Mazda he describes as “loads of fun” for some reason.

Hobbs said: “I’ve even given her a name, ‘Mazzy the Mazda’.

“Fun cars are totally different to normal cars. One day I might drive to Leek and back just for the hell of it, the next I’ll sit in a lay-by and eat a Yorkie. With a fun car your only limit is your imagination.

“Some people probably think ‘fun’ is taking drugs or having sex but I prefer a socially acceptable, masculine activity like driving that doesn’t involve any mess or emotional interaction.

“Also there’s no point to getting drunk at a party, unlike the sense of achievement from washing and vacuuming your car every Sunday until it’s spotless.

“When I’m driving around anything could happen. I could go to Roadchef for a massive Cumberland sausage or I might have to use all my wits and cunning to bypass roadworks near Cheddleton.”