Wednesday, 12th May 2021

Cat fuming that his name was on family Christmas card

A FAMILY cat is livid that his name was added to all the Christmas cards sent by his household without his permission. 

Pepper was horrified to discover that he had been listed among family members in a card that wished all who read it a ‘Happy Christmas’, a sentiment he emphatically does not endorse.

He said: “And these cards have gone to 40 homes, across the UK? What about my reputation?

“I’m not one of these friendly, stroke-me-and-I-purr cats who’s going to allow himself to be associated with your inspid Christmas wishes. I’m a free-thinking feline individualist.

“You could at least have run it past me. I would have said nothing, turned away in disgust, gone upstairs and quietly pissed on your duvet, of course, but it would only have been polite.”

Owner Eleanor Shaw said: “I think including Pepper is a really nice touch. It shows those people we met on a cruise four years ago that our cat is one of the family.

“We haven’t signed it from the dog. Everyone knows dogs aren’t smart enough to sign Christmas cards.”