Cat wants owner to know he really tried to bury crap in garden but couldn’t because ground was frozen

A CAT has been left humiliated after he defecated in his owner’s garden but was unable to bury it.

Large cat Tom Booker enjoyed his morning ‘garden dump’ but was then horrified to discover the previously-soft ground had become a solid, undiggable block.

Booker said: “I was scraping like mad but the ground just wouldn’t move for some reason. Now my surprisingly big cat log is just sitting there looking at me.

“Maybe it’s my karma for killing that crow yesterday simply for my own amusement.

“Either way, I would just like to apologise to my owner that she has to see that mess in the garden this morning. I don’t like it any more than she does.”

Booker’s owner, Nikki Hollis added, “Well, at least it’s in the garden and not in one of my work shoes.

“Oh no wait, he did one in my work shoes too.”