Child realises parents haven't got a f**king clue what they're doing

A CHILD who thought his parents were all-knowing, god-like beings has realised they are idiots.

Nine-year-old Stephen Malley has been increasingly suspicious after incidents such as his dad getting his homework completely wrong and his mum trying to fold up a buggy with his baby sister still inside.

Malley said: “These people are absolutely fucking useless at most of the things they attempt to do. It’s almost as if they’re making it up as they go along.

“They act like they’re really capable and I’m some sort of idiot because I haven’t been alive as long. But, unlike mum, I’m not the one who drinks too much white wine then cries because I tried to trim my own hair and it went wrong.

“They’re pretty immature if you ask me. You should have seen the tantrum dad had when he left his iPhone on the lawn then cut the grass.

“Also there was the time we all had food poisoning because neither of them knew chicken isn’t like beef and therefore isn’t ‘fine to eat when it’s a bit pink’.

“I’ll be moving out on my 16th birthday. If I survive that long.”

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Are you probably going to be sacked?

ARE you getting bad vibes from your boss and fear you may soon be fired? Take our fun quiz and find out for sure!

When you arrive at work on Monday what does your boss do?

A. Cheerfully say something like, “Hi, Jim. Did you have a nice weekend?”

B. Look as if their dog has just died and frantically check the clock in the desperate hope they can sack you for repeated lateness.

What is the highest praise you have ever had at work?

A. “Brilliant stuff, Jenny. The whole project would have been up shit creek without you holding the fort.”  

B. “Well, at least there are some simple tasks you can do without completely fucking them up.”

At your last ‘performance review’, what did your boss ask you?

A. What training you need to develop your skills and advance within the company.

B. Whether you’ve ever considered a totally different career, such as going to fight in Afghanistan or becoming a hobo.

What was the last advice your boss gave you?

A. “Keep up the good work and you’re looking at becoming head of department eventually.”

B. “You’re not a bloody student anymore so pull your bloody socks up or you’re out on your arse. AND STOP STARING OUT THE BLOODY WINDOW WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!”

What happened the last time you asked for a pay rise?

A. Your boss worked out a generous package because they “wanted to hang onto the good people”.

B. Your boss burst into laughter and told you to fuck off.

Mostly As. Your job is secure but you’re probably the sort of corporate bellend who says things like, “Really enjoyed the marketing brainstorming session, Gavin!”

Mostly Bs. You may soon be out of a job. Nick as much stuff from work as you can, although you probably already do that.