Urban homeowner pretending to be happy about graffiti

AN URBAN homeowner is insisting he loves the graffiti that has appeared on his wall.

Before purchasing the property, Tom Booker told friends he was looking forward to living in a gritty neighbourhood with real character and was quick to confirm his joy at the random images and scrawl.

Booker said: “One of the best things about buying in a real, living neighbourhood is the pop-up art around the place. I’m not at all annoyed there is now some on the house I saved up for years to buy.

“There’s a really raw, edgy quality to it. They’ve obviously gone to a lot of trouble drawing that stylised dog. Or it could be a machine gun. It’s hard to tell.

“OK it’s not a Banksie but it definitely adds character. On the cock they’ve drawn the balls aren’t symmetrical but the bellend is pretty much perfect.”

Friend Francesca Johnson said: “There’s no way Tom really likes the graffiti, but then he did claim the potholes filled with McDonald’s wrappers on his road were ‘indicative of a thriving community’.”