Sunday, 27th September 2020

Class will always remember shit teacher who let them do anything

A SECONDARY school class has tearfully confessed they will never forget Mr Logan, the shit teacher who let them do whatever they wanted.

Class 5KQ will have happy memories of their schooldays when they leave, but mainly due to Mr Logan’s geography lessons where they were allowed to do fuck all and act like twats.

Pupil Nikki Hollis said: “I’ll always remember the friends I made, the laughs I had, the texts I sent, all under the benevolent, lax smile of Mr Logan as he pretended not to notice Liam punching Gavin.

“I’ve learned everything here. The value of friendship, the price of an eighth of weed, that Emma Bradford did it with Steve Malley on the rugby pitch after last year's prom. It’s been magical.

“The only thing I haven’t learned is much geography, which I will definitely fail. But everyone knows you don’t really need qualifications.

“I’ll never forget you, Mr Logan. You were my best teacher. Thanks for not even trying.”

Teacher Tom Logan said: “Geography’s quite easy so enough of them should scrape through. They’ve had a doss and I’ve been able to do my internet banking. It’s win win.”