Companies that do boring things prefer 2:2 graduates

EMPLOYERS offering dull jobs favour graduates with 2:2 degrees.

He's quite focused

He’s quite focused

As it emerged that even an unremarkable degree can boost income, companies that do uninteresting things said they prefer graduates who have just scraped a pass.

Tom Logan is MD of Shelf-Tech, a company that makes shelves: “People with upper second class degrees never seem to hang around that long, it’s like they don’t want to stay in the shelf industry and see us as a stepping stone.

“But a 2:2 is like the lower end of mediocrity, it suggests someone who hasn’t got any serious aspirations and is happy to coast along.

“Those people are fairly acceptable as employees and they’re not really motivated enough to bugger off.

“Also they’re usually nicer, they’re into television and smoking weed rather than heavy business jargon or showing off about what books they’ve read.”

Student Julian Cook said: “I’m aiming for a 2:2. Well not exactly aiming, it’s just sort of what’s happening.

“2:1s are for boring straights who go to most of their lectures. A 2:2 is more of a ‘party degree’.”