Complaining bastard seeks flaw in eBay purchase

A SERIAL complainer is hoping to find something wrong with a second-hand item purchased from the internet.

Moaning fucker Norman Steele paid £4 for vinyl copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album, which on first inspection is disappointingly satisfactory.

He said: “I buy a lot of old stuff online, and I complain about all of it. It’s my hobby.

“Usually people offer me a full refund just to get me out of their hair, but even then I will keep fucking moaning on about the principle of the thing and try to get them banned from the relevant website.

“Even if the item is only a couple of quid I will find fault and pursue the seller in the most dogged manner, as if they have done me a grievous personal wrong.”

Steele grudgingly admitted that the record appeared to be in ‘excellent’ condition as per its description, but has paid £4,000 for a full forensic test that should reveal the tiniest flaw.

He said: “I’m sure there are some stray skin particles in the grooves that will affect playback quality in a way that is completely unacceptable.

“Failing that I can just snap it in half and say it wasn’t packed properly.”

Santa shaves beard to distance himself from hipsters

FATHER Christmas has shaved off his beard following concerns about its hipster connotations.

The Lapland-based gift distributor has shaved his facial hair down to a grey stubble and ditched his red-and-white uniform for a casual button-down shirt and Dockers cargo pants.

Santa said: “Even men in car adverts have beards these days, so it was high time to get the razor out. I think I’m entitled to a change after 5,000 years or whatever it is.

“I’m going to start wearing normal clothes too, there’s something weirdly camp about a red fur ensemble, plus it is very sweaty.

“Basically I realised that I looked like a twat.”