Controversial thinker behind ‘insania’ theory to address Oxford Union

THE radical philosopher who believes the world is in the grip of combined insanity and mania is to speak at Oxford University.

Andre is a fellow of Minogue College

Peter Andre coined the now-commonplace term ‘insania’ following a period of intense reflection on modern life.

During his recent, controversial Harvard guest lecture, he said: “Take a look around, at what technology has found. Is it what we need, or are we killing the seed?

“Hold on to real love. There’s so much to share.”

Tom Logan, President of the Oxford Union, said: “It was, of course, well-established that civilisation had become increasingly manic.

“However the manner in which technology instilled insanity had gone unrecorded.

“Andre not only identified this latter phenomenon, he then fused the two concepts – insanity and mania into what was not only a single idea, but a single word.”

Student Emma Bradford said: “Compared to other popular contemporary philosophers like Alain de Botton, Peter Andre’s abdominal muscles are much more developed.

“It is also doubtful whether Alain de Botton could survive intercourse with Jordan.”