Craft ale pub has 988 very similar types of beer

AN East London ‘craft ale’ pub offers almost a thousand largely indistinguishable artisan beers.

The on-trend hostelry, which has its own micro-brewery and is run by young men with tattoos, boasts of having the most bewildering selection of similar ales in the capital.

Landlord Tom Booker said: “Thanks to our commitment to traditional brewing techniques, we’ve been able to develop a massive range of ales going from light brown to slightly darker brown.

“They all taste of beer but in a very slightly different way.

“Boring corporate pubs only offer four or five types of pint. That’s not enough choice to make the ordering process really long-winded.”

Customer Emma Bradford said: “I like how you can try a small sample, before nodding knowledgeably as if you can tell ‘Hoxton Sky’ from ‘Butcher’s Hook’.

“Actually I just go for the one that has the most colourful label.”

28-year-old Wayne Hayes said: “When I’m with friends I recommend ‘Soldier’s Arm’ and ‘Terrier’, for no other reason than it makes me look like I know something about something.”