Dashcam footage captures BMW driver giving 'thank-you' wave

DASHCAM footage has apparently captured the moment a BMW driver waved ‘thanks’ to a fellow motorist.

The 30-second clip appears to show a Honda Civic pausing to let the BMW X5 out at a T-junction, followed by the driver of the second car raising his hand in acknowledgement.

Experts have confirmed they believe it to be genuine.

Dashcam owner Nikki Hollis said: “I bought the camera as a safety measure. I never dreamed it would catch something like this. I went straight home to upload the footage. If it wasn’t there in black and white no-one would believe me.”

While rumours have surfaced every few years, the recording is the first time a BMW driver showing courtesy on the road has been caught on camera.

Speaking from behind his latched front door a man believed to be the BMW driver said: “I did it by mistake. F**k off.”

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Top three dating apps that you'll never get to use because you're married with two kids for Christ's sake

DATING apps can be a great way to meet people and even have crazy, no-strings sex but what are the best ones that you’ll never get to use?

Because are you going to risk everything just for some girl on a dating app? The house, the car, the kids, the wife? Seriously? Take a look at what you’re missing..


Bumble offers the chance to meet people in the same area, go for a drink, hang out and probably/hopefully have crazy, hot sex. You can write a nice little bio and answer amusing pre-written questions as a way of showing how interesting you are, but you’ll never get to see any of this because she’d leave you in a heartbeat if she even thought you were chatting to some fit 20-something goth girl who says she’s not bothered that you’re married. But they all are, in the end. Seriously mate.

You’ll end up paying for the app and then one day the wife will see it on the bank statement, she’ll do a bit of research, by which we mean she’ll Google it, and she’ll know you’re on Tinder and then what?

You can stay with a friend but their wife won’t be happy about it and eventually you’ll have to get your own pathetic little place. Get a bloody grip.

Plenty of Fish
You’re going to risk your four bedroom house, the respect of your kids and a wife who is still, truth be told, pretty fit, just for some girl off POF? Might not even be a girl. Maybe you’re being be cat-fished.

You could lose everything for what you think is a gorgeous young hippy chick who says she’s happily living off the grid but then what? It turns out she’s a bloke called Hacksaw. If that’s what you’re into then fine, but you really need to think this through.

In conclusion, dating apps are fine. Just not if you stand to lose a house, car, kids, a wonderful wife and the dog as well. Think about losing the dog is what we’re saying. Could it get any worse than that?