Friday, 6th December 2019

Dashcam footage captures BMW driver giving 'thank-you' wave

DASHCAM footage has apparently captured the moment a BMW driver waved ‘thanks’ to a fellow motorist.

The 30-second clip appears to show a Honda Civic pausing to let the BMW X5 out at a T-junction, followed by the driver of the second car raising his hand in acknowledgement.

Experts have confirmed they believe it to be genuine.

Dashcam owner Nikki Hollis said: “I bought the camera as a safety measure. I never dreamed it would catch something like this. I went straight home to upload the footage. If it wasn’t there in black and white no-one would believe me.”

While rumours have surfaced every few years, the recording is the first time a BMW driver showing courtesy on the road has been caught on camera.

Speaking from behind his latched front door a man believed to be the BMW driver said: “I did it by mistake. F*ck off.”