‘Eat a whole multipack of crisps’ tops recession bucket lists

RECESSION-HIT Britons have revised their lists of ‘things to do before I die’ to make them more realistic.

I feel so alive

I feel so alive

Old ambitions including skydiving and seeing the pyramids have been replaced by budget-conscious goals like ‘find something worth watching on ITV2’ or ‘borrow a dog’.

Builder Roy Hobbs said: “I always wanted to ride Space Mountain in Disneyland. Now my dream is to sit in a shopping trolley while my brother pushes it round a car park.”

Newsagent Francesca Johnson has also downsized her dreams: “I loved the idea of swimming with dolphins, but I’m massively in debt. So last week I lay in the bath while my husband threw fish fingers at me.”

Lifestyle guru Julian Cook advises people on how to harness the power of their dreams: “Don’t be too ambitious.  For example I wanted a proper job, but I’m quite happy doing this load of old shit.

“Instead of seeing the Northern Lights, why not try to get a seat on the Northern Line?

“Or instead of writing a book, see if you can balance one on your head.

Before the economic downturn, British males fantasized about sleeping with a movie star.  They now hope to marry Katie Price, an ambition most British men are set to fulfil by 2030.