Elderly man and middle-aged son park in parent and child space

A 75-YEAR-OLD father and his middle-aged son took one of the parent and child spaces in a Tesco car park, it has emerged.

Tom Booker and his son, Stephen, had been driving round the busy car park for fifteen minutes even though many parent and child spaces were available.

Booker said: “He is a parent and I am his child. We were in a car, and we needed to park the car. It seemed quite obvious.

“I pointed out to my son that the likes of UK Olympic bronze medal winning hammer-thrower Sophie Hitchon are way more capable of carrying heavy bags of shopping across several hundred yards of tarmac than we are.

“Not sure if she has a kid but you get the idea.”

46-year-old Stephen Booker said: “Eventually we just said fuck it. It’s fair enough and why should Tesco reward people just because they’ve recently had sex.

“Pushchairs have wheels on, and I have sore feet.”