European tour group being shown around your house

A GROUP of 20 European teenagers with backpacks is currently being given a guided tour of your home. 

The teenagers, who speak an unfamiliar language and appear completely disinterested in their surroundings, are in every room of your house taking selfies. 

Tom Booker of Chester said: “I heard the door and before I knew it they were everywhere, opening my kitchen cupboards while talking incomprehensibly about something else. 

“The guide is in our spare bedroom – she uses the occasional English word like ‘armistice’ or ‘monastery reformations’ – but I can’t reach her because there’s a pair of Europeans munching garlic sausage and Tuc crackers on every stair. 

“I can’t use the loo because there’s a couple making out in there, silently watched by her sullen friend. 

“And in the hall there’s a lad wearing my hat and coat and doing twirls, but none of the rest are betraying any reaction. They’re all just on their phones.”

Tourist Elina Naumova said: “House is British history story, like the war.

“Is shit. We go Disney Store after.”