F*ck tha police, tweets Surrey Police

SURREY’s police force has continued its policy of tweeting rap lyrics by quoting NWA’s hip hop anthem Fuck Tha Police.

After a warning about ice in the style of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby was widely re-tweeted, the Surrey police feed posted: “Fuck tha police.

In a following tweet they added: “Ice Cube will swarm on any motherfucka in a uniform.”

They later posted: “Only joking, the police are really good. Drive safely everyone!”



Normal speed Hobbit would last 19 hours, says Jackson

IF The Hobbit was played at normal speed it would take the best part of a day to watch it, director Peter Jackson has admitted. 

Jackson said his decision to film the book one word at a time meant that most scenes had to be played at the Benny Hill Ratio.

He added: “The resultant nausea and disorientation should be offset against the time you now have available for the non-Tolkein elements of your existence.

“Rest assured, there will be a 57-hour normal speed version of the trilogy produced especially for freaks.”