F*ck tha police, tweets Surrey Police

SURREY’s police force has continued its policy of tweeting rap lyrics by quoting NWA’s hip hop anthem Fuck Tha Police.

After a warning about ice in the style of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby was widely re-tweeted, the Surrey police feed posted: “Fuck tha police.

In a following tweet they added: “Ice Cube will swarm on any motherfucka in a uniform.”

They later posted: “Only joking, the police are really good. Drive safely everyone!”



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Normal speed Hobbit would last 19 hours, says Jackson

IF The Hobbit was played at normal speed it would take the best part of a day to watch it, director Peter Jackson has admitted. 

Jackson said his decision to film the book one word at a time meant that most scenes had to be played at the Benny Hill Ratio.

He added: “The resultant nausea and disorientation should be offset against the time you now have available for the non-Tolkein elements of your existence.

“Rest assured, there will be a 57-hour normal speed version of the trilogy produced especially for freaks.”