Friend with wife, children and six-figure job thinks he’s better than you

A FRIEND who has a stable marriage, two happy children, a fulfilling high-earning career, a big house and an expensive car believes it makes him superior to you. 

Martin Bishop, who has known you since school, gave away that he considers himself to have made more of his life than you have when he not only bought all the drinks but offered to ‘help you out’ with a taxi home.

Old pal Tom Booker said: “We’ve got different priorities, that’s all.

“I wouldn’t want all the sellout wife and kids stuff, which is why I never stay in a relationship longer than a year, and he wouldn’t want my – the things I – what I’ve got.

“Sure, if you judge by material success, or stability, or I suppose long-term happiness then he’s doing better. But he knows I don’t walk that path. Doesn’t mean he’s got any right to set himself above me.

“He was going on about this amazing California holiday he’d had with the family, a bit insensitive when he knows I spent the summer on remand and it wasn’t even my fault.

“I bit back the urge to say, ‘And that makes you better than me, does it?'”

Bishop said: “I think he’s back living at his dad’s again, aged 38. I mean I’ve only got so much pity to give.”