Friendship tested by really long email

A CLOSE friendship has been severely tested by a long personal email that will take ages to read.

Eleanor Shaw of Cardiff was initially delighted to receive a message from university friend Susan Traherne, but admitted that replying to the 15-paragraph email is a burden she does not need.

She said: “Who sends an email that long? What is this, the fucking 90s?

“She’d clearly sat down and taken the time to sum up her situation with a few funny anecdotes, reminding me of the good times we’ve shared and making the effort to keep our friendship alive, and it’s really done my head in.

“Like this isn’t something I could bang out an answer to quickly. It’d be at least 45 minutes of typing while frequently referring back to the original, and I’m trying to watch The Crown. 

“She lives 200 miles away, we’ve both got kids, I work weekends, so what I’m saying is that it’s in everyone’s best interest to let this die a natural death.”

Shaw added: “Why couldn’t she have just kept up with the odd comment on Facebook, like a normal person? This friendship could have limped happily along for another decade.”