Gang of atheist six-year-olds plotting to sabotage school nativity play

A GANG of six-year-old atheists is plotting to sabotage a school nativity play with a foul-mouthed attack on religion.

The six-year-olds will use their 30 seconds of dialogue to trash the story of the birth of Jesus as a ‘fucked-up fairy story obviously just copied from pagan myths’.

One of the gang said: “According to the script we’re supposed to perform a rap about the ‘glory of God and the coming of the Messiah’. Instead we will destroy the oh-so-jovial family atmosphere by condemning organised religion as an elaborate scam that preys on the feeble-minded.

“We will end by joining hands and shouting in unison, ‘There is no God and the baby Jesus is a lie!’”

Another member of the gang added: “We became atheists not long after we began rehearsals in the middle of September. As well as the whole thing being a pain in the arse, we just thought ‘do people really believe this bollocks?’.”

The father of one of the children said: “The ‘rapping’ sequence sounds utterly hellish so by ruining it they’ll be doing us all a massive favour.”