Gentrifier couple thrilled by short interaction with working class locals

AN EX-LONDON couple are very excited after a brief exchange with working class locals in their new area.

Tom and Sarah Booker, who probably have a website selling vintage jeans, moved from London to a traditionally less affluent area of Bristol and are both thrilled and scared by the ‘old school’ locals.

Tom Booker said: “There’s a local hardware shop that doesn’t even have a logo and sells really old-fashioned things like ‘moth repellent’ and ‘shovels’.

“The staff are a local family who probably like football and I asked them if they sold Apple chargers and they just said ‘no, sorry’. It was brilliant.

“They didn’t direct me to their website or their Twitter feed, or even try to charm me into buying something else.

“Then I was like ‘no problem, I can probably get it online’. Then the old guy returned to whatever he was doing ‘out back’ of the shop.”

Sarah Booker said: “After this I think we can definitely say we’ve fully integrated. We’re supporting local businesses and next we’ll be visiting the local un-renovated pub with no windows on the street side.”

Tom Booker added: “I’m not going in that pub.”