Get that uniform on and get against that door, children told

SCHOOLCHILDREN have been ordered to get their uniforms on and stand against a door to be photographed. 

Children aged between three and 17 are being forced to dress in their new blazers, look neat and smile even though it is still ages until school, or face the consequences.

Mother-of-three Mary Fisher said: “Don’t even think about giving me any crap. I am this close.

“You want to think about how much all that cost me? About four hundred quid, so you’d best believe I am getting my satisfaction.

“Up against that door and smile like you’re capable of some kind of academic performance. No arsing about. This is going on Facebook and bloody Instagram.

“Now take the uniform off immediately before you trash it.”

She added: “I wasn’t like this at the start of the holidays. But I am now.”