Girlfriend annexes final item of boyfriend’s clothing

A GIRLFRIEND has completed the process of annexing every item of her boyfriend’s wardrobe.

Tom Logan, who has been seeing Nikki Hollis for four months, revealed the appropriation of his clothing began in the third week of the relationship.

He said: “She took one of my t-shirts to sleep in. Which I didn’t mind really, because it was quite sexy. Over the next two weeks she took the rest.

“Then it was my hoodies and jumpers, in case she ‘got cold’. Then it was my hat, just because she likes it.

“Then it was my running shorts because she didn’t have any of her own.

“Then it was all of my jeans, my shirts and my boxer shorts. She says she needs the boxer shorts ‘in case of emergencies’. What does that mean?”

Hollis said: “I’m dumping him tomorrow. My work here is done.”