Guardian family makes gender-neutral snow-being

A GUARDIAN-LOVING family has made a snow individual who is not constrained by gender boundaries.

The Booker family, from Brighton, enjoyed a fun-packed day building the ‘snow-based person who chooses not to identify as male or female’.

Architect and George Monbiot groupie Tom Booker said: “We explained to the children that creating a snow person is actually a massive responsibility, and the choices we make can really affect that lump of snow’s self-image.

“Our son wanted to call it ‘Mental Barry’ so we explained, in a calm and non-judgemental manner, that this snow-being may not wish to adhere to hetero-normative gender types.

“Eventually, via a democratic family referendum, we decided to call him/her/it ‘Pin-Pin’ after a character from a high quality Japanese animated film about fairies that we often watch together during ‘TV hour’.”

He added: “Our task complete, we returned to the house to reward ourselves with carrot sticks and hummus.”