Sunday, 7th June 2020

Hen weekend puts a price on friendship

A WOMAN has informed her friends via her hen weekend that the price of her friendship is £415, plus spending money. 

Emma Bradford has been friends with bride-to-be Carolyn Ryan since secondary school, but was saddened to find that she was now obliged to pay close to £500 for the privilege.

Bradford said: “Me and Caro have had some great times. But now the invoice is in.

“A small but joltingly expensive cottage in Wales, several meals, transport and an afternoon making a clay cock and balls with eight other women I’ll see only once again, while drinking shit wine.

“Then we’ll submit our memories of Susan while judging each other on who’s a better friend, then we’ll go clubbing, then we’ll cry, and this is all part of the terrible price you pay for having friends.

“It does make me regret friendships slightly, knowing that the bill will be due one day and I’ll be lashing out a month’s car payment doing things I f*cking hate. Hey ho.”

Susan Traherne said: “My bond with my friends is priceless, but I suppose if you were to put a figure on it, it’d be £415.”