Homeless man really enjoying jokes about his Rolls Royce

A HOMELESS man has confirmed that jokes about his Rolls Royce, 40-room mansion and millionaire status make living on the streets so much easier.

Roy Hobbs of Manchester, who sleeps on a broken pallet under a flyover, said the humorous remarks really take the sting out of the below-freezing temperatures.

He continued: “Just today passers-by have joked that I’ve got an 80ft yacht in the Caribbean, that I earn more in a day than they make in a year, and suggested my mink Prada coat must be at the dry-cleaners. That was some good stuff.

“One man even asked if I could loan him a few grand until payday, which made us both laugh before he climbed into his big Range Rover thing with fancy headlights.

“I do wish they’d accompany their jokes with some change, but times are hard for everyone and I don’t bear a grudge. I’m too busy enjoying the top quality funny banter to feel any resentment.”

He added: “Unless they’re actually serious, in which case the fucking bastards.”