Housewives Demand £20 An Hour For Eating Jaffa Cakes And Watching ‘Trisha’

BRITAIN’S housewives would earn the equivalent of £30,000 a year if someone paid them to eat Jaffa Cakes all day, according to new research.

Busy, busy, busy

The study found housewives work for nine hours a day, including an hour of Trisha, an hour of Law and Order and two Will and Grace double-bills.

Although Jaffa Cakes often overlap with other household tasks, including phone calls and magazines, an increasing number of women are now forced to set aside at least two hours a day as ‘Jaffa Cake time’.

Dr Henry Brubaker, director of the Institute for Studies, said: “A professional Jaffa Cake eater is £20 an hour, easy.

“Then there’s the £30 an hour you’d have to pay a nutritionist to sit around all afternoon with her bloated friends, drinking tea and comparing live yoghurts.

“And I certainly would not want to have to pay a head chef  to drive to the retail park three times a week and pick up a large cardboard bucket filled with deep-fried chicken parts.”

Dr Brubaker said the study did not included a figure for childcare, adding: “Why else would they be there?”

Tom Logan, a 42 year-old engineer from Bath, said: “If you want to pay thirty grand a year for my wife’s cooking, be my fucking guest.”