‘I just format Word documents’, admits highly-paid office worker

A WELL-PAID worker has admitted his job essentially consists of him just formatting Word documents, it’s been revealed.

Stephen Malley confessed that despite holding the impressive position of Senior Marketing Manager at a financial technology firm, his job actually consists of little more than using Microsoft’s flagship word-processing software to add margins.

He said: “I’m not saying that what I do involves absolutely no skill, because if my team understood how to use Word properly I would have absolutely nothing to do. But what I’m saying is it’s definitely not a skill worth £52,500 per annum.”

Malley also revealed he feels bad for earning more than a junior doctor: “The only way my job could become a life or death situation would be if someone had a condition where seeing the font Comic Sans induced them to have a stroke.

“But my job is safe as long as nobody else finds out how to print multiple copies of a document.”