Idiot claims he can’t spot ‘fake news’ that’s obviously fake

A MAN keeps getting taken in by ‘fake news’ that is obviously dodgy to anyone with a semi-functioning brain.

Wayne Hayes regularly regurgitates bollocks off the internet, even if it has a blatant agenda or is about how werewolves are real.

Hayes said: “Fake news looks so convincing. There’s just no way of telling the difference between ‘Floods in East Anglia’ and ‘UFO fires energy beam at F-15 in undisclosed location’.

“When I’m sitting at my computer browsing stories from my preferred news source, Facebook, how on earth am I meant to check whether something’s true? I don’t live in a fucking library.

“During the referendum I read a lot of stuff like ‘EU planning Sharia law in UK’. With something as serious as that it’s best to be on the safe side and vote Leave. It’s called logic.

“Also why bother to check something if it comes from a reputable-sounding organisation like ‘The British Freedom Network’?”

However co-worker Donna Sheridan said: “I don’t think Wayne is exactly fooled by fake news, he just believes things that support his political views, like when he assured me Jeremy Corbyn was ‘still in the IRA’.

“Although he is a credulous fucknut who believes there are ‘bigfoot villages’ too.”