‘It’s really the kids who teach me’ says clearly unqualified teacher

A SCHOOL is investigating a teacher who said he ‘learns more from the kids’ than they do from him, amid fears he is completely unqualified.

Tom Logan, who claims to be a history teacher, caused alarm at a recent parent-teacher evening by saying, ‘I like to think the children are the real teachers’.

Mother-of-two, Emma Bradford, said: “When my son James isn’t trying to eat food through his nose to see if it tastes different, his main hobby is running round in a circle until he falls over.

“He has no teaching experience at all, apart from the time he taught his sister a song he wrote called ‘You are a fart’. It was one line and it didn’t have a tune.

“If Mr Logan is learning from James then Mr Logan is an absolute fuckwit.”

At a personnel hearing, Logan was asked to explain exactly what the children had been teaching him that was more important than the Great Reform Act or the origins of the First World War.

Logan said: “I just think they’re really wise”, before being told to leave and never come back.