Latest 80s revival is man’s relationship with school girlfriend

FOLLOWING Ghostbusters and Stranger Things, the latest 80s revival is Nathan Muir’s relationship with Nikki Hollis from 1988.

The relationship, which was briefly popular at the time, has been brought back by the two 46 year-olds but on a bigger budget and with higher production vales.

Muir said: “I suppose, like Blade Runner, it was always one of those things that stood alone at the time but had the potential to go much further.

“But it wasn’t until I bumped into Nikki at Reflex that I realised that, as with Bros, the right time for this comeback was now and that people were genuinely hungry for it.”

Nikki agreed: “In a surprise twist, the ending of the original, where I was cheating on him with Jason Hollis, has now been reversed and I’m married to Jason and cheating with Nathan.

“We’ve really raised the stakes and made it much more adult. This one will finish in a Travelodge rather than with a kick in the nuts behind the science block.”

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Referendum explicitly mentioned my knighthood, insists Farage

NIGEL Farage has claimed that the UK overwhelmingly voted for him to get a knighthood in June last year, and losers should ‘get over it’.

The former UKIP leader says that everyone fully understood that, when asked if Britain should remain in the EU, answering ‘No’ would make him Sir Nigel Farage.

He said: “When will these elites stop trying to overturn democracy?

“I suppose they’ll be saying that Britain didn’t vote for my statue in Parliament Square next, or Kent being renamed Farageshire ‘wasn’t on the ballot paper’.

“No, last year Britons voted for hard Brexit, the abolition of the House of Lords, a 41 per cent rise in hate crime and a ‘K’ for Nigel.”

Farage added: “Though I am still anti-establishment. Actually even more so.”