Lorries wow M4 with thrilling display of formation driving

A GROUP of lorry drivers amazed motorists with a formation display that lasted a full 14 junctions.

The trucks, which varied in nationality from British to Portuguese, formed shapes including diamonds, an eye and a dollar sign all of which took up three lanes and were impossible to pass.

Hooted on by an enthusiastic crowd including several emergency vehicles who added their flashing blue lights to the spectacle, the display lasted two hours, covered 112 miles, and created a 22-mile tailback of excited fans.

The HGV Angels captain Stephen Malley said: “There’s one formation called the Cloverleaf that takes 50 miles on its own, all done between 54mph and 56mph – you need to be in a helicopter, but I like to think a Ford Ka three miles back gets a hint of the glory.

“Our final move is the Firework, where we clear the middle lane and the cars rush through it, fountaining out in a silver burst of rapidly accelerating BMWs.

“Like all great art, it truly elevates the soul.”

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Man going to Halloween party dressed as ‘capitalism’

A MAN has revealed his Halloween party costume is entitled ‘capitalism’.

While most of the guests will be dressed as either a slutty vampire or a hipster zombie, Julian Cook hopes to scare them with his devastating critique of the economic system.

Host Tom Logan said: “We’ve made rum punch the colour of blood and we’ve got a cardboard skeleton for the front door, so I’m not really in the mood for Julian’s George Monbiot podcast medley.

“He’s like this all the time. Last Christmas he gave me a note explaining my present had been sold to help bail out a bank.”

Cook hopes his costume will be even more devastating than last year, when he dressed as ‘patriarchy’ by wearing women’s clothes and a square of perspex on his head to represent the glass ceiling.

This year he has made a suit and tie out of pages from the Financial Times and will carry an overstuffed toy cat under his arm with the word ‘fat’ written on it.

Logan said: “The only reason he gets invited is that he always brings sensational booze, because his parents are very rich.”