Man comes out amazingly well from own anecdote once again

A 28-YEAR-OLD man has emerged as the wry, ballsy hero of his own story yet again.

Administrator Tom Logan told colleagues about an altercation with a motorcyclist in which he came close to punching the man but, as ever, had the self-control not to.

Co-worker Emma Bradford said: “It’s amazing, really. He comes out of these situations cool as a cucumber. I’d be a nervous wreck but I suppose Tom’s used to it because it happens practically every day.

“He was really brave to stand up to that burly motorcyclist. Then saying ‘Don’t come out without your stabilisers next time, mate’ is a brilliant quip to think up on the spot.

“Tom’s wasted as a low-ranking member of the civil service who lives with his parents. He should be in the SAS or something. Actually James Bond would be more like it.”

Logan’s anecdotes regularly combine the skills of a hostage negotiator, stand-up comedian and martial arts expert, but sadly have not yet been witnessed by anyone he knows.

Logan said: “You should have seen the time I talked down a guy who was going mental in Tesco. They offered to put me forward for a bravery award but I didn’t want the attention.”