Man dressed head-to-toe in Union Jacks looking forward to having his opinion taken seriously

A MAN who dresses head to toe in Union Jacks is looking forward to being treated as if he were normal this weekend.

Retired engineer Norman Steele simply cannot wait to be interviewed for global television, where he will give the impression that all Britons are fanatical about the royal family.

Steele said: “I’ve ironed my best Union Jack suit and I’ve got lots of little Union Jack flags and they’ll be getting a good waving, you can be sure of that.

“But what I’m looking forward to most is for journalists from round the world taking my photograph and treating me like I’m in any way representative of anyone else in this country’s feelings towards the royal wedding.

“They’ll be seeing me in newspapers all the way to Timbuktu with a caption underneath that reads ‘Britons Overjoyed’.

He added: “Did I mention I had a workplace injury a few years back?”