Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Man interrupts woman to say he's a feminist

A MAN has interrupted a woman mid-sentence to inform her that he supports equal rights for women.

During a heated conversation about the equality of the sexes, Tom Booker displayed his innate respect for women by talking over housemate Mary Fisher in a loud, condescending voice.

Fisher said: “I -”

Booker added: “What Mary’s trying to say is that she can’t believe a guy like me who enjoys a pint and a kick about as much as the next bloke is also an ally of the feminist cause.

“If anything she’s the out-of-touch one for assuming otherwise. Just because I called Fleabag a load of boring girly claptrap doesn’t mean I can’t take an interest in their little issues.

“Women want it all, I get that. And nobody should stop them from buying shoes and having babies while juggling a high-flying career. It’s only fair.

“Anyway, egalitarian is a more accurate term. ‘Feminism’ leans a bit too much in women’s favour to be truly equal if you ask me. Which nobody ever has, weirdly.”