Man puts big light on again

A MAN has once again put the big light on despite knowing full well that his girlfriend prefers the lamps. 

Tom Booker’s protests that he just wanted ‘to see what he was doing for a bloody change’ were countered by partner Joanna Kramer’s claim that the house was lit up ‘like a Christmas tree’.

She added that the neighbours did not want to see everything the couple were doing ‘under a spotlight’ and suggested that he could locate his phone in softer, ambient light if he tried harder.

Booker replied that the house was so gloomy it was ‘like Dracula’s castle’.

This was followed by Kramer’s assertion that the light hurt her eyes and a series of increasingly urgent requests that it be extinguished.

The light was then turned off and the argument was, as on all previous occasions, left unresolved.