Man reluctantly removes ‘junglist’ from his dating profile

A MAN has reluctantly taken the word ‘junglist’ out of his dating profile.

Following advice from family members, ex-girlfriends and the moderator of the dating site itself, 32-year-old Tom Logan removed ‘junglist’ and replaced it with ‘keen runner’.

Logan said: “I’m a qualified vet and a homeowner, but most all I’m a junglist. Telling people I love dark and tearing jungle music has been part of my life for 25 years.

“Unfortunately, so has failing to meet girls, or putting off the girls I do meet by asking them too many questions about Roni Size’s side projects.”

Logan also changed his profile picture from an image of him holding his hands in the air like two pistols to one of him holding up a medal after completing a charity hike.

He added: “It seems the modern woman in her early 30s isn’t really looking for an original rude bwoy junglist soldier.

“They’re more into going to farmer’s markets or on city breaks, neither of which seems to involve talking about Grooverider or classic mid-90s rave tape packs.

“I’m just worried that I’ll meet someone and get married, but when I finally come out as a junglist she’ll leave and take the kids.”