Man so excellent at driving he can set his own speed limits

A DRIVER is so brilliant at controlling a car he knows exactly how fast he can go without crashing or mowing people down.

Without even needing any specialist training, 29-year-old Tom Booker has used the power of self-belief to master the art of driving at twice the speed limit.

Booker said: “I’ve cut it fine a few times but that’s the only way you achieve excellence – not playing it by the Highway Code.

“Sure, other people – shall we say ladies? – should stick to the speed limit. But a natural driver like me knows instinctively when to overtake on a blind corner.

“Superb driving is a state of mind. That and pushing the pedal down quite far. And sometimes pushing the other pedal quite quickly when you realise an oncoming lorry is about to turn you into jam.”

Booker now feels his superlative driving skills have qualified him to rewrite other areas of the Highway Code, such as overtaking on the inside and parking in disabled spaces.

He added: “The same goes for drink driving. If you can’t handle a vehicle after four pints you shouldn’t really be driving in the first place.”