Man starts another pointless f**king project

A MAN has started another stupid fucking waste of time, he has confirmed. 

Nathan Muir, 37, has decided to become a part-time antique dealer and now spends his weekend at charity shops and car boot sales rummaging through a load of shit  which he believes he can sell for a profit on eBay.

He said: “I’ve got an eye for this kind of thing. I can always spot the gems on Flog It!

“It’s a lot more suited to me than my last project of turning the spare room into a games room, which turned out to be too big a task for one man to take on and also I lost interest.

“I’ve already picked up a jug which the internet says isn’t Clarice Cliff but I’m confident is, a framed picture of an owl which could go for a grand easy, and a chair. Though if I’m honest I’m not sure about the chair.

“This won’t be like restoring that motorbike, or my Primeval fanzine, or when I decided to start collecting Hot Wheels. This time it’s different.”

Partner Emma Bradford said: “The thing is, most of the shit you see in charity shops has already been picked over by experts and is priced at two quid for a reason.

“Still, it gives me more time at the weekends for my current project of still sleeping with my ex.”