Man still hoping to give up not having sex for Lent

A MAN has confirmed that he is still hoping to give up not having sex with anyone for Lent.

Tom Booker, 34, told his friends work colleagues that he decided to make the pledge to give up not having intercourse on Shroive Tuesday but has still to successfully abstain.

Booker said, “I thought putting my lack of sex into some sort of religious context like Lent might have helped but I’d lying if I said it had.

“The nuns didn’t want to hear about it, that’s for sure.

“But you know, we’re only five days into this thing so there’s 35 more hopeful days to go.”

He added: “It’ll be tough but I know if I focus and stick with it I can stop not doing this thing that I’ve not being doing for a while.

“And if I do manage to complete Lent then I might look into becoming a catholic full time.”