Sunday, 25th October 2020

Man takes half an hour to turn off his car alarm

A MAN has taken 30 minutes to shut off his deafening car alarm.

Nathan Muir was remarkably unfazed when his BMW’s alarm started its thunderous honking at 2am, even though it woke up and p*ssed off everyone else who lives on his street.

Muir said: “I thought it would magically turn itself off if I left it alone for five minutes but it kept going for some reason.

“Then I gave it another five minutes of doing absolutely nothing. Amazingly that didn’t work either.

“I could have quickly silenced it by using the remote locking, which is really easy and I wouldn’t even need to put on my shoes, but instead I killed another 10 minutes reading the Daily Mail on my phone.

“After having a quick cup of tea I thought I’d better take a look at it because I didn’t want it to drain the battery more than anything else.”

Muir’s neighbour Nikki Hollis said: “It’s good to know that Nathan is pretty relaxed about his car because I’m going to key the f*ck out of it tomorrow night.”